By all means, move at a glacial pace.

Hi. I like tits.
~ Girls I'd Like To Jump ~
"Here she was, experiencing it. Life experience, they say. Live it up. Embrace it. It makes you who you are. Ridiculous. Her life experience stole who she was. It ruined who she was."

Something make my chest stir
Something make my head blur

Kait. 20. English major. Wisconsin.
If I were a guy, I'd prob be Brendon Urie.
I post so many things, here's a big list >>|||
Mainly a fob/panic! band blog with spn/qaf/tw.
I don't tag, Tumblr saviour won't work.
~Brian to my Justin~~Panini Head~
My bb - My Girl - The Hair - Giant - My Lady
Pretty Di - Heart - Sunshine - Mr. Kinney - Puppy
Cutie - Homeboy - Kick Drum - Curls - Sinatra
Warning: I can be an asshole sometimes.

Someone wanna write my book review on the book I never read for me?

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